MARS is now VION

MARS VR attraction is our most complex and truly breakthrough project after the launch of laser tag equipment production. For 2 years, MARS has gone all the way through the development to the launch of the first VR arenas in Russia and Europe, visited by thousands of customers who left positive feedback.
MARS attracts the players with the most popular solutions:
  • Playing with real people or against a computer
  • A choice of locations to fit all tastes: from the office to the space station
  • Game modes such as Team Battle, Domination or Bonuses
Our product has "matured" and become more than just entertainment. In order to fully convey our idea to you, we decided to give this project a new name.


VION is a VR attraction that offers its visitors total freedom of movement and limitless immersion into the virtual world. The opportunity to compete motivates for healthy competition and maximum involvement in the gameplay.
We were looking for a V-word, because back in Roman mythology, Victoria was the goddess of victory. The name VION contains 3 ideas, united by one vision - to create a unique attraction that will attract, engage and keep players of all ages. That's why:
  • VIsiON is the vision behind the name VION
  • The first syllable of VION is "VIE", and it means "to compete", "to contend"
  • The second syllable is "ON" meaning involvement in the process, as in "on/off"
The VION logo is:
  • The confrontation of two sides - players competing against each other or artificial intelligence
  • The displacement of the old reality and the creation of a new one
  • Volume and versatility - constant development
VION is not just a symbol of victory, it is something that is within all of us - the desire to compete and be first!
The new name is only the first step. Ahead of us, there are global changes that will allow each of our partners to break through. Outplay them all!