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NetronicTalks with Ludovic Donati: Unveiling the Potential of Location-Based VR.
Ludovic Donati, the owner of Volt Events, a dynamic leisure activity company based in France, and a proud partner of VION VR under the esteemed NETRONIC umbrella, has been delving into the realms of VR for nearly a year now with us. In a recent interview in NetronicTalks, Ludovic shared his views on why VR is such a hit and when it's the perfect fit for budding entrepreneurs.
Determining the Perfect Fit for VR Facilities
Ludovic knows that often space puts some limits. “Sometimes we have a customer who wants to make a laser tag arena, but he doesn’t have enough space. For laser games, we ask for a minimum of 600-1000 square meters”. So, when space is tight, Ludovic suggests VR as a fantastic alternative.
Exploring the Excitement of Location-Based VR
Ludovic loves how VR opens up a world of possibilities. With VR, operators can offer all sorts of adventures, from thrilling scenarios to different environments and music. “We're not big fans of static VR. We tried it, but it just wasn't as enjoyable. That's why we prefer free-roaming VR,” Ludovic shares. “Being able to change up the map and the gear adds a whole new level of excitement. Plus, we can tailor the experience for any event, whether it's for kids, adults, or anyone else”.
Embracing the Freedom of Free Roaming
For clients who've had a rough time with VR in the past, Ludovic has a tip: try free-roaming VR. He's seen skeptics change their minds after just a few steps. “We gently encourage hesitant visitors to give it a go. Just a few steps can make all the difference. And you know what? I can't remember anyone backing out because they felt sick,” Ludovic says. “Free-roaming VR is a game-changer, and it's something we love introducing to people who are unsure about VR. It's a real success!”
Putting Safety First
Ludovic believes safety should always be on operators’ minds. He stresses the importance of playing by the rules to avoid accidents, like no running around. But he also knows that having top-notch software and a well-calibrated system is key to a smooth and safe experience. "Following the rules is important, but so is having the right setup," Ludovic explains. "The software and the proximity of the system are perfect. It’s essential to have a non-reflective ground, not to have calibration issues. When you made all conditions to set the area and game correct, the system works very well".
Ludovic Donati believes VR can change the game, making experiences more immersive and accessible to everyone, regardless of space or background.
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