Partnering with VION VR: Benefits of Collaboration and Support for Your Business

VION VR provides state-of-the-art virtual reality business tools and acts as a supplier of VR equipment, delivering premium hardware and gaming gear.
Our focus is on helping you start your own VR entertainment business.
By teaming up with VION VR, businesses gain access to professional VR software designed for commercial use. Our equipment undergoes rigorous testing and assembly, ensuring that products are ready for immediate use upon delivery.
We provide options for purchasing additional downloadable content (DLC) and offer the flexibility to use our equipment with Oculus controllers, without being tied to our taggers.
At VION VR, we've developed our own taggers specifically for VR environments, complete with a sensor auto-calibration system and high-quality graphics.
Our team also offers personalized arena design tailored to your venue and requirements, along with expert design consultation.
Starting a VR business with VION VR is accessible, with packages starting from $24,000. We guide you through every step of launching your VR arena, ensuring a quick return on investment (ROI) and providing support throughout the process.
Our business model is adaptable to any space, allowing you to open your VR venture virtually anywhere. We offer turnkey solutions for starting laser tag/VR businesses from scratch, including ROI calculations, venue layouts, material estimates, equipment setup, and selection.
With a one-year warranty on equipment and a park of spare equipment available during warranty service, VION VR ensures peace of mind for your investment. On average, businesses see a return on investment in just nine months, with openings taking anywhere from two days to two weeks.
Partner with VION VR today to unlock the full potential of virtual reality for your business venture.
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