VION VR products made a captivating appearance at the FEEXPO 2024 held in Bergamo, Italy

NGame, the esteemed VION VR dealer in Italy, took the helm in showcasing the company's cutting-edge offerings at this event. FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT EXPO (FEEXPO) stands as the premier gathering for professionals in the amusement industry, offering a dynamic platform to delve into the latest trends, products, and services shaping the landscape.
At the event, attendees were afforded the exciting opportunity to immerse themselves in the innovative world of VION VR offerings, and also flagship products of LASERTAG.NET, GALAXY, and Airbunker.
“Visitors were captivated as they engaged firsthand with our diverse product lineup, marveling at the unparalleled quality of materials and the exceptional technical features that set our offerings apart in the market,” - shared a representative of NGame.
More than 30 individuals experienced the excitement of virtual reality, with many expressing high satisfaction with the graphic fidelity of the presented environments. Notably, the “Red Planet” VR Map emerged as a standout, garnering praise for its immersive scenario and captivating visuals.