Discover the Post-Apocalyptic World with Greenhouse VR.


Map Description:

Welcome to our new virtual reality world - Greenhouse! This is a map where you can embark on adventures in a post-apocalyptic setting, face challenges from the Earth's ecosystem, and engage in thrilling battles for survival. The new map will expand the possibilities for your business and increase customer repeat orders.

Map Features:

  1. 1. VION VR Exclusive: This map, VION VR Greenhouse, is available for purchase separately, but its use is only possible when paired with our main product (DLC).
  2. 2. Post-Apocalyptic World: Due to unknown biological reasons, our planet has undergone catastrophic changes. Players will find themselves in a desolate world where diverse flora thrives, and the forms of plant and animal symbiosis are constantly changing. Players are not just engaged in battles with enemy teams; they enter a living terrarium of an ecosystem where only the strongest survive. Every moment is a struggle for survival, and if players aren't quick and don't inflict significant damage to their enemies, they will transform into extraordinarily powerful and deadly opponents.
  3. 3. New Forms of Hostile Life: Uncontrolled evolution has led to the emergence of aggressive forms of new life. Survival in such conditions becomes the primary objective. Players must use intelligence, skills, and intuition to confront these dangers and preserve their lives.
  4. 4. Smart Survival: Supplies are limited, and weapons are not always effective. Every sound can give away your position and attract the enemy's attention. Players need to develop strategies and learn the behavior of new life forms to survive until the end of the round. Every step could be their last, so it's essential to use cover, objects, and weapons wisely.
  5. 5. Innovative Mechanics: The Greenhouse map incorporates new mechanics, such as destructible objects, greenhouse glass panels that gradually harm players when broken, monsters that react to sound, silenced weapons, limb damage system for enemies, mob reactions to events, and more. Your customers will have unforgettable experiences on this new map, where every detail matters.
  6. 6. Sound-Responsive Monsters: What truly sets this map apart is the monsters' reaction to sound stimuli. Players must move cautiously through the map, as walking on shattered glass can trigger enemy reactions. Additionally, broken glass slowly injures players, adding complexity to survival.
  7. 7. Cooperative Gameplay: Defend yourself against aggressive foes, hone your skills, and collaborate with other players, as monsters can consume smaller creatures and become stronger. This means that only through collective efforts can you withstand the massive monsters that have transformed after consuming others.
  1. 8. Enhanced AI: We've also worked on enemy behavior patterns and artificial intelligence. Now, enemies can evolve into larger and more formidable adversaries.
  2. 9. Full-Featured Map: The map also includes all our previous achievements, such as the weapon store, game modes, and bonuses, significantly enhancing player potential and making the game even more captivating.
  3. 10. Attracting New Customers: VION VR Greenhouse map will attract new customers by offering them countless possibilities and unique experiences. Whether your customers seek action, are fascinated by post-apocalyptic worlds, or want to challenge themselves in VR gaming, our map will satisfy all their desires.

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