Meet the new "Witch's Haunt" map from VION VR - dedicated to the upcoming holiday!
Join us to explore a new level of entertainment in the world of virtual reality with VION VR! We present our latest addition - the "Witch's Haunt" night map, designed to immerse your clients in a world of horror and adventure.
Expand Your Business with VION VR:
The new "Witch's Haunt" map opens up new possibilities for your business. Whether you specialize in action, post-apocalyptic worlds, or VR adventures, this map will attract new clients and broaden your portfolio.
Raise the Adrenaline with Us:
With the latest "Witch's Haunt" map, you'll have the opportunity to dive into a nighttime world filled with mysteries and dangers. Your clients can test their skills in single-player mode or engage in thrilling PVP battles with friends. They'll encounter obstacles in the form of mysterious coffins and eerie crypts. In this world of darkness, even the full moon hides incredible adventures!
Showcase Your Mastery:
Zombies have risen from their graves and a witch hovers above all players' heads. Use your skills to conquer this terrifying world. Enhanced enemy AI ensures a highly realistic and challenging experience for players.
Key Features of the "Witch's Haunt" Map:
  • Immersion in the night atmosphere with frightening decorations.
  • Game modes: PVE (players against surrounding enemies) and PVP (players against players)
  • Enhanced enemy AI for exciting encounters
  • The map combines previous achievements, weapon shops, and bonuses, making the game even more captivating and dynamic