Step-by-Step Guide to Launching Your Virtual Reality Arena with VION VR

Embarking on setting up a virtual arena requires meticulous planning and organization. From choosing the right equipment to creating an engaging space, this process is crucial for launching your VR entertainment business within 12 weeks.

Step 1: Choosing the Venue and Space

Selecting the ideal location for your VR arena is the foundational step towards a successful venture. Here are some tips to guide you:
1. Dividing the Gaming Zone:
Position the gaming zone in a designated area within the VR arena, isolated from other zones. Having three walls allows for efficient tracking of player movement by sensors.
2. Open Space:
Ensure the gaming zone is free of barriers and obstacles. Columns are permissible, provided they are adapted to virtual placement. *Adapting the map to the dimensions and features of your establishment is possible. Our specialists will customize columns, corners, and other architectural elements to fit unique constructions in the VR environment.
3. Soft Flooring:
Cover walls and columns with soft materials to prevent injuries as players move through these areas.
*Optimal gaming space size:* 8m x 8m, 64m², 6 people.

Step 2: Choosing VION VR Equipment

Explore the available VION VR Equipment and Software to understand its advantages to make informed decisions for your virtual arena

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Step 3: Interior Planning

Designing an attractive and functional space is essential for creating an immersive experience. Consider the following:
1. Arena Decoration:
- Avoid glossy surfaces in the gaming zone decor. - Walls should have a matte finish, and contrast geometric patterns with lines for better sensor performance.
2. Lighting Sources:
- Place artificial lighting only on the ceiling for static and even illumination. Cover windows tightly with fabric or film.
3. Additional Requirements:
- Consider other venue requirements imposed by local inspections.

Step 4: Staff Preparation

Invest in training for your staff. Their knowledge and skills are vital for the smooth operation of your VR arena.
Discover the ease of starting your own business with VION VR.
We assist with launch and promotion:
  • Banners for social media and search engine promotion.
  • A regularly updated photo bank for professional VR arena promotion.
  • Certificates of participation in corporate events and tournaments.
  • Promotional videos for client presentations and advertising.
  • Flyers for live distribution to passersby.
  • Game instructions for administrators and instructors.
  • Equipment labeling stickers.
Service and Support:
  • A personal manager for consultation and assistance from the moment of purchase.
  • 24/7 technical support that resolves issues promptly.
  • Remote equipment and software setup.
  • Adaptation of game maps to your location.