We keep working!

Dear partners!

We are overly grateful that you are with us at this difficult moment for our country. We are given strength by your letters and messages with words of support. During the week we received almost 100 messages from 60 countries!
With this letter, we want to clarify the situation that is now happening around our company.

As you know, our company is international and we have partners all over the world.

One of our production lines is located in Kharkiv, Ukraine. War has come to the country and in this regard, there are now delays in production

However, the most important thing is that our team is alive and works 16 hours a day on recovery. Right now we are transporting molds and machines to a safe city. Also, together with our European partners, we are opening an additional production line in the EU. Therefore, we will close all our obligations to customers as soon as possible.

We won't leave anyone. We burn and live by laser tag and no one will stop us. Technical support is in touch all this time helping our current customers.

We are together, which means we will win! Lasertag.net equipment will delight thousands more people around the world.

If you have any suggestions or want to help us, you can contact our cofounder the following contacts
+380632326482 (whatsapp, imessenger)

Email: [email protected]

Michael Obod